Senior Strategist and Director of Trading | Integrated Managed Futures

Tel: 416.933.8283
Email: rkoloshuk@iamgroup.ca


Mr. Robert Koloshuk is the Senior Strategist & Director of Trading. Mr. Koloshuk has been registered with the CFTC as an associated person since June, 2004, and is an associate member of the National Futures Association. Mr. Koloshuk has been conducting research exclusive to the Managed Futures industry since September of 2002, and he has been working extensively in collaboration with Professor Kolkiewiez at the University of Waterloo for the past five years. Mr. Koloshuk is also a computer programmer and a trade execution and account management supervisor. Mr. Koloshuk has a B.A. (Honours Philosophy) from the University of Guelph, where he specialized in Machine Functionalism.