Last Name First Name Position Phone Email
Adebayo Tayo Accountant, Finance and Administration, IAM Real Estate 416.864.6522
Asante Martin Associate, Private Debt 416.933.8288
Benson Jeffrey Associate, IAM Private Debt 416.367.6867
Bhardwaj Varun Associate, IAM Private Debt 416.864.6520
Burns Robert CFO & Treasurer, IAM Real Estate 416.864.6515
Correia Susan Office Manager, IAM Group 416.933.8285
Deacon Jeff Managing Director, IAM Private Debt 416.933.8279
Dimmer Greg Managing Director, IAM Private Debt 416.202.6673
Felkai Tom Chief Financial Officer, IAM Group 416.933.8263
Fong Quinntin Director of Finance, IAM Real Estate 416.864.6583
Greck Jean-Christophe Vice President, Quebec, IAM Group 514.992.5232
Hamilton Robert President-Greiner Pacaud/Hamilton Inc., IAM Real Estate 416.864.6539
Kaiser Amanda Receptionist, IAM Group 416.360.7667
Ko Brian Managing Director, IAM Private Debt 416.367.3492
Koloshuk Victor Executive Chairman, IAM Group 416.933.8270
MacDonald David Senior Asset Manager, IAM Real Estate 416.864.6535
Mather David Executive Vice President, IAM Group 416.933.8274
Medeiros Paula Manager, Credit/Portfolio Administration, IAM Private Debt 416.367.1447
Muirhead Ken Director, Asset Management, IAM Real Estate 416.864.6524
O'Sullivan Michael Vice President, Asset Management, IAM Real Estate 416.864.6528
Orpen Remy Analyst, Private Debt 416.367.2432
Papoula Nicole Coordinator, Credit/Portfolio Administration, IAM Private Debt 416.367.4464
Pappin David President , IAM Real Estate 416.864.6591
Pisarski Sean Director, Private Debt 416.367.2592
Quach Ana Director, Finance and Administration, IAM Private Debt 416.367.3250
Robertson John President & CEO, IAM Group 416.367.2593
Robson Philip President, IAM Private Debt 416.367.3972
Rothenberger Ginger Corporate Controller, IAM Group 416.862.2969
Shannon Andrew Managing Director, IAM Private Debt 416.933.8265
Shutt Theresa Chief Investment Officer, IAM Private Debt 416.202.6693
Smithson Kate Administrative Assistant, IAM Real Estate 416.864.6540
Ting Alice Corporate Accountant, IAM Real Estate 416.864.6529
Walmsley Amanda Asset Management Coordinator, IAM Real Estate 416.864.6541
Warkentin Gregg Manager, Acquisitions, IAM Real Estate 416.864.6514
Zagrodny Stephen Director, IAM Private Debt 416.367.6868