Committees of the Board

The board as established two committees: the Compensation, Nominating and Governance Committee, and the Audit Committee. Each committee chair, who is an independent director, is responsible for directing the meetings of the committee and for ensuring that the roles and responsibilities of the committee have been met. The chair of the committee is also responsible for reporting to the board on those matters that the committee has dealt with since the last regular meeting of the board. Each committee regularly examines its effectiveness in fulfilling its roles and responsibilities and reports its findings to the board. The committees may convene meetings without management present whenever the committees feel it is necessary. Each chair also acts as a liaison between management and the board.

Compensation, Nominating and Governance Committee

  • Bruce Day (Chair)
  • David Atkins
  • John Crocker
  • Veronika Hirsch
  • Victor Koloshuk

Audit Committee

  • David Atkins (Chair)
  • Robert Brooks
  • Bruce Day
  • John Crocker