June 1st marks the 30th anniversary of IAM’s Private Debt Group; originally formed as First Treasury, co-founded by John Robertson (Chair of the IAM Private Debt Group and President & CEO of IAM) and the late David Elliot, President of First Treasury, on this day in 1987.

Since 1987 the Group has managed money for institutions, originating and managing senior-secured fixed rate loans to businesses in nearly every province in the country and across a broad swath of industries; establishing ourselves as the market leader in the Canadian private debt markets.

The team has completed over 250 loans, raising more than $3.0 billion from our investors – consistently delivering above average returns and managing our portfolios to ensure minimal credit losses; always treating investor’s money as if it were our own.

We remember when spreadsheets were something created by hand, only the biggest institutions possessed computers and the internet was a relatively unheard of tool just beginning to make its’ presence felt as the common place for research and business interaction.  We’ve weathered market and economic calamities, changes in the institutional investing space and in our own family.

Across those years our purpose has been the same – to pursue the best Canadian businesses we could find, to work hard to understand them and structure loans that made sense both to the borrower and to our investors. From the outset, our foremost goal was to manage those loans closely to ensure surety of our investor’s capital and to generate the returns we promised.

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