Investing in Private Debt

Investment grade private debt provides a predictable, sustainable and easy-to-understand combination of higher rates of return and lower risk than public market bonds.

It is a traditional cash market that invests directly in the senior secured debt of businesses employing fundamental credit analysis and investment management processes to control risk and maximize return.

The private debt market is positioned between bank term loans and the public bond market. It is an attractive alternative to bank loans for investment grade borrowers who lack the size to access the public bond market or are private companies or have unique or unusual borrowing requirements. For investors, the private debt market provides the fixed interest rate/fixed term predictability of the public bond market combined with the stronger credit risk controls of the bank loan market that come from stronger covenants, collateral security and a direct relationship with the borrower.

Our private debt funds offer an attractive source of diversification and current monthly income, with higher returns and lower risk than ‘A’ public bonds.