Sustainable Property Investing

Real estate is a long-term asset, and institutional investors are sensitive to sustainability issues. We are a responsible property investor, pursuing sustainability with diligence, conviction and pride.

It is in the nature of real estate that it directly affects people and the environment. We buy, develop, own and manage property from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.

We hold ourselves accountable for the social, environmental and economic impact of our operations. Our team has the skill, knowledge and experience to reduce the significant impact that real estate has on the environment.


Reducing the environmental footprint of our buildings enhances the long-term value and current income, reduces operating and capital expenditures, reduces the risk of obsolescence, enhances health and safety and helps attract and retain quality tenants.


There are many facets to sustainable property investing. For us, it begins even before the purchase of a building. Every prospective purchase undergoes a comprehensive environmental assessment. Environmental issues affect risk, efficiency, returns and value.

It is common for us to decline to purchase a property unless the vendor undertakes environmental remediation prior to the closing of a property purchase.


Central to our investment management approach is the development of a complete asset management plan for every property. The plan identifies initiatives that will be undertaken to reduce the environmental impact of the building.

Each property, and its plan, are reviewed annually, with progress against sustainable objectives analyzed and measured. Objectives are reviewed with the property managers and specific implementation plans established.


The IAM Real Estate Group is constantly researching and updating our understanding of ESG issues and best practices. We are committed to the development, expansion, communication and measurement of the principles of sustainable property investment. We are supportive of and guided by the following:

  • UN PRI
  • LEED
  • UNEP (United Nations Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative)
  • GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark)
  • GRA (Green Rating Alliance)
  • IIGCC (Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change) Property Group